We understand that when come to seeking skill-intensive talents for your event, such as aerial acts, contortionists and such, many people look outside of Singapore and pay extra money to “fly” them in , which most of the time explode the budget. We don’t blame you because not many people know that there are in fact locally born and bred aerialists.

We however, are not born into a circus family but we are a bunch of passionate people who have honed our aerial skills through classes and constant practices in our turf with our own in-door training space with a 12 metres ceiling (that is equivalent to about 3 storeys high)

We first started with providing quality pole dance/pole acrobatic performances at events, one thing led to another and soon, we expanded our aerial acts to add silks (tissu) , hoop (lyra), double trapeze, static trapeze, aerial cubes, Spanish web and champagne aerial bartenders. To date, Acro Productions is the largest provider in Singapore for such acts and on several occasions we were even invited overseas to perform.

Below is a list of some of these acts.

  • Aerial Silks
  • Aerial Hoop
  • Aerial Cube
  • Static Trapeze
  • Double Trapeze
  • Spanish Web
  • Champagne Aerial Bartenders
  • Pole Dancers/ Pole Acrobats
  • Pole and Aerial Classes